Sit here and rest yourself a while
Knock on the sky,
And listen to the enlightenment
Take my staff to help you journey.

Let us walk on, reasoning as we go
Go forth, under an open sky,
And list to natures teachings
There is my staff, if you are soon weary.

Nature the source of my inspiration
Climb the mountains and get their good tidings.

Nature's peace will flow into you as sunshine flows into trees.
The winds will blow their own freshness into you...
While cares will drop off like autumn leaves.

Don’t blink
Don’t miss the luck by looking through the four-leaf clover
Wars and elections are both too big,
And too small to matter in the long run,
So get moving again.

Don’t blink
Everything is old except the eyes.
Don’t look at it much,
Look until you know what is more than enough.

Keep a great pile of stones in one corner,
And guard it as your life.
Believe those who are seeking,
Because people are crazy.

Stop wanting what I am looking for,
Look for it.
The sun shines, The clouds rain
Preachers Preach, farmers Plow
Wishes go up and the World goes round

It couldn’t change me.

There is either obedience
Or the house will burn
But now is not the time
To think of only one thing.

I will wait
If thou shalt turn back
Drive thy self
Or it will drive thee.
"Durango Silverton Narrow Gague Railroad"

I cannot sleep
I cannot Dream
I wake and walk
This is great.

Let’s go fast
Let’s achieve richness
Lead your life
It is soon Death.

Nobody’s fault
Nobody knew ‘till afterward
No sweat there
The magic doesn’t go away.

With a lot if life before me
You’re six years old
And you take a nap
And all of the sudden
You wake up and you’re fifty years
Your better half is there in bed

Trust me friend,
A hundred years goes faster than you think
Like tomorrow was a gift,
Live like you were dying.

Don’t Blink,
Live Like You Were Dying…


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Essay of place:

At Home in the Mountains
There is a place in the Never Summer Range of the Colorado Rocky Mountains where time seems to stand perfectly still. The Colorado State Forest State Park burns from the golden sunrise as fluffy snowflakes land soundlessly all around. Every April, ever since I was two years old, my dad and I make the trudging trip into the Dancing Moose Yurt. The rotting hand rails are sure to splinter, and the deck always has fresh snow on it. Regardless of the weather conditions, the place makes me feel warm and welcome. Every morning I wake with frost on the mouth of my sleeping bag and the realization that I forgot to stoke the fire, thus letting it extinguish. The wafting smell of bacon and eggs beckons me out onto the deck, only to hear the chirps of Blue Jays and Camp Robbers. Once the fire is again rolling, black smoke comes puffing out of the silver chimney only to be lost in the blue sky. Although my trips here are short, I seemingly find new adventures every time.
After a relaxing breakfast in the company of the swaying green giants, we take a short respite and then begin the process of gearing up for the explorations to come. We dawn our crusty snowshoes and break trail through the waist deep snow, sticking as if it were marshmallow whip. The occasional animal track surfaces, but like the frost, they quickly ware off. I sip from my Nalgene and am met by prickly ice crystals, stinging the tip of my tongue. Upon return to the yurt, we grab a real treat. Creamy, crunchy, gamey, strong, and tangy is the taste of Braunschweiger on crackers with mustard. I eat on the criss-crossed fence that borders the hut, and marvel at its stability considering the crispy pine it is made from. After lunch there is a multitude of chores to be done, namely chopping wood. Splitting and crackling just as when it is in the stove. The clouds drift in and out all day, like the cotton balls that I use to oil the intricate pieces on my cross country skis. To take time to dig tunnels under the snow as if I am an ant in an ant farm, and make sledding hills that often result in scars means that I always remember this special place.
As the day winds down and the sun sets, I always take a moment to reflect, and to take in the wide open spaces of the great state of Colorado. I light the rather temperamental lantern, and it goes off with a poof and a hissing fire ball. Now the fun begins. My dad grills some fillets and I prepare potatoes with the natural flavor of ash imbedded in their silvery wrappings. I enjoy my dinner under the stars that look like an irreversible paint spill in the clear sky. I fall asleep curled up in my black and orange sleeping bag, listening to the popping of pine beetle tunnels. Now, whenever I taste Braunschweiger, I vividly remember this day.

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Lost Generation Poem:

I know this might be shocking but
“Our study group learns like crazy”
Is false, and
“We have no motivation”
So at the start of every class I tell my friends that
They are not the most important part of my life
Others understand that my grades reflect that
I am on the right track because
Messing around
Is more important than
To you I say
On the first day of class
Students cared about learning
But this will quickly change
This is a make-it-up schooling
Peers tell me
Next year I will be run over by A.P. Lang
I do not believe that
I will need to know about literature
In future classes
Struggle will be expected
Do not dare say that
I love my English class
It will stick out like a sore thumb that
My career as a student is ineffectual and grievous
It is insane to speculate that
The English language will survive.
And all of this will come true unless we choose to turn it around.

Dickinson Emulation:

There’s a particular Crystal of ice,
Colorado Springtime—
That comforts, like the wrap
Of Synthetic sleeping-bags—

Traumatic Pain, it brings me—
I can hear no cry,
But mountain shifts
Where the Life, was—

Some may tame it—all—
‘tis the Final Resolution
A deadly trap
Brought us from the Clouds—

When life resumes, the Buds see—
Smoke—settles under atmosphere—
When ice melts, ‘tis as quiet Noise
Under the splash of Sun—

I Am Not:

I Am Not

external image 600-01670627n.jpg

I am not… I’m not dark and gloomy, rather a happy, go getter with a good attitude. If you get to know me, you won’t find something flat and dull, but an interesting personality. I may be called a renaissance man with many talents, but for sure have more than one use. Instead of being one in a crowd, I am one alone in reliance and conformity. As wheat solely blows in the wind, I am lively and so to speak much more flavorful. Unlike storm clouds, I keep my cool in times of peril and panic. There is the nimbostratus and altostratus, but they all seem to hang around, unwilling to change. Wheat fields are my polar opposite.
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