In my anthem, I wanted to thouroughly portray how important it is to once in a while, step out of society to take a different persepective of the world around us and allow the mind a breath of pure truth and beauty. By releasing the societal stress of the same repititious schedule one can take a sort of transcandentalist view of the world around them and allow the truth of freedom to soak in while giving our souls a breath of fresh air.

I was dead, my little faith came forth at sunset
the laws indeed were still oppressive on them
which were wet from evening dew.

external image eveningdew.jpg
Truth can stand by itself
and take the wings of morning
Take me, lead me from my solitude
of distaste at the stiff and regular process of the practical
to freedom naturally consequent

Our bodies would be in such keeping as our souls are now
if only, if only
these dreams will make you feel brand new
these truths will inspire you
constraint may make him worse

The vortices have been exploded
to find the truth
I took the one less traveled

external image exploding-earth11.jpg
He must stand up against mankind
that hid the brightening stars
darkened by all the gloomiest
It can never be discovered
of the great tomb of man

How can we wish others to indulge it
While we refuse it ourselves?

Wherefore ask who created it, so it be beautiful?
It's been there all along
In its perfect beauty, judge for yourself
Those can only find it, once they have lost it

external image 99223-Royalty-Free-RF-Clipart-Illustration-Of-A-Fairy-Girl-Chasing-A-Butterfly-With-A-Net.jpg
Sometimes one place, sometimes in another
I wish they'd hurry
Go forth under the open sky
and search for what was once lost

Bursting into a fit of irrepresible mirth
they flourish infinitely
And that would be a pretty sight!

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