Austin's Philosophy

My Philosophy is that you should be yourself and roll with the punches that life gives you, but throw some memorable ones back. Do everything you do with a purpose, as long as it betters something. Don't waste time with anything but that which better's your standing in life or connects you more deeply with the world. Accept all for who they are and all that is for what it is. Don't worry if people right their wrongs, just right yours.Be followed by many but take a chance to see it through their view and help that turn into a good view. Don't just observe the world, make it something worth looking at. Though you may not follow your philosophy, help others understand it.

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Philosophy Poem

Once you can accept the universe as matter expanding into nothing that is something

You don't care about sorry anymore

Free Your Mind! Be Colorblind.
Because everything is so backwards
Wasted so much time,
Frittered and wasted the hours that made up the day.
Didn't know where to go


The world owes you nothing.
Ten years have got behind.
Don't dwell in the past,
For each day is too short


Don't judge other peoples work

The day that never comes,
Came sooner than expected

"You have met your maker" Accursed be the tongue that tells me so,
Why should I die whiles I see lives
Make amends
And get you gone
You are a stranger here.


All this world is a stage


But, where is the audience that watches?
I built my keep-out house without doors or windows
But how do I get in?

The night was its darkest just before the dawn
It was deserted, not a soul coming or going
Let there be light

Ignorance is bliss
Bliss is a folly

On the wings of a dream so far beyond reality
We wait for the day

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