Life is like a race, only you can push on to the finish line, but this task comes with risks and struggles. People will try and get you off your path and distort your mind, but you must persevere through all of those voices and faces to become a champion. A friend or family member may be your inspiration, but I find we receive the majority of guidance from our religions. Religions cause wars and peace, but they can also lead you to a better place. All along this journey we stress and get worried about everything life throws at us, I believe that we all need to take a little time to slow down and enjoy the things around us. Stressing out only holds us back from what we can achieve. If we take time to think and grasp what we are doing in life we can never catch up with our minds. It is such a powerful tool that we need to utilize, however at the end of the day all of our struggles and hardships occur to test and grow our foundations. We must conquer and destroy our demons!

This is my story this is my song

If you aint got the heart, don’t attempt to try this at home

There's no control in life. Wherever you go, wherever you hide, there's risk.

“The road grew wilder and drearier and more faintly traced, and vanished at length, leaving him in the heart of the dark wilderness, still rushing onward, with the instinct that guides mortal man to evil”17.jpg

I can’t sleep cause I don’t like what I dream about

Hey Dear Lord please help me get the demons out

You are either with me or against me

You must understand, sir, that a person is either with this court or he must be counted against it, there be no road between

Whether we like it or not, the fact is that God is an important part of American life

A moment ago it seemed


It was yesterday

You were here with me

And everything seems to be the same

Let go, life does get tough

No need to stress,

Hold you back too much

Keep my feet on ground and my head in the clouds.

Cause I’m glidin’ up thereheadintheclouds.jpg

Oh so very high that if the

Clouds were to drop me

Than I’d fall out the sky

I don’t really know why I’m here

I guess I’m just here for the ride

I swear it feels like I’m dreamin’

This vividly defined, yeah

So call me whenever you want

My mind runs I can never catch it even if I got a head start

God please tell me I am feeling so alone way


The end is never the end.

A new challenge awaits.

A test no man could be prepared for.

A new hell he must conquer and destroy.

A new level of growth he must confront himself.

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