Finding Love
By Rebekkah Carmickle

It’s not permanent, those uneasy moments. The ones that dance around reminding you of what could be better.

Yet, they always vanish as if they are not meant to be. It's the love that is deeper than anything; my family, my

friends. Though hidden at times, it reveals the most beautiful depths of our soul. As we wash away the stains that burden us,

we open our eyes to the opportunities in front of us. There is no greater joy that heals all things unpleasant than that of the

discovery of love.

external image work.2362770.4.flat,550x550,075,f.weeping-willow.jpg

Look into their eyes, and you suddenly know, I can barely make it through the week.

I just cant take the tears, down that old road.

It seems like everywhere I go, we’ll stay forever this way.

I swear now I cant take it and your wondering why you cant get free.

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It was only just a dream and now I can see every single possibility.

With the stars up above I know someday that it’ll all turn out.

Its nothing but some feelings, dancing in the night in the middle of June.

We’re half way there; you’re here, there’s nothing I fear.

external image dancing_in_the_moonlight.jpg

Cuz I can still feel it in the air, I wont let another minute go to waste.

Shouldn't feel so far apart since you walked into my life.

I know that you are something special and you’re here in my heart.

Your gonna have to share it with me like the way its meant to be.

external image heart_pic.jpg

But this photo of us; it don't have a price.

I'll be there til the stars dont shine and my heart will go on and on.

I'm just fine moving forward, but without you I'll give up.

For love- we'll give it a shot and last for a lifetime.

external image rose.jpg&t=1

This love; now it's teaching me to fly.

Words can't say what a love can do; never want to let you go.

The best luck I had was you; know you make me feel alright.

I now proposed to myself; we've got to hold on to what we've got.

external image 00mainmainfn4.jpg

We travel together, through the fiercest drought and storm.

Maybe you can see now that's what you get for falling in love.

I got it figured out, see it all around you.

I want you and your beautiful soul just the way you are.

external image Black-and-White-Splash-Color-Photography-3.jpg

Now there's a miracle to find a dream, a place in the clouds.

Who doesn't know? It's a kiss without any shame.

One thing to do, from deep inside.

The answer, it seems to me now, the note that said:

Follow me, everything is all right.

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